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10 Juli 2013
Roland Backing Keyboard BK-9
Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard For a few years now Roland has been producing instruments like the BK7, BK5 and now their new flagship arranger – the BK9. BK indicates the instrument is a “Backing Keyboard” and this is the market that is ideally suited for this instrument. 
The first think you will notice about the BK9 is the 76-note keyboard and super lightweight construction. If you are looking for an instrument to gig with then BK9 is perfect. This is the first keyboard I’ve been able to pick up with just one hand and not just a 5-octave keyboard either! 
You would think that being so light, the build quality would suffer in some way, but no, the BK9 is beautifully constructed and the keyboard as a great feel to it. For this feature alone the keyboard gets a big 10 out of 10 – as it really is a pick up and go instrument. detail

25 September 2012
Presonus Digital Studio Mixer Live16.4.2
Presonus Digital Studio Mixer Live16.4.2 Mixer Digital dan Konverter AD/DA Mixer Digital Studio Live 16.4.2 keluaran Presonus terdiri atas 16 chanel yang dilengkapi dengan 4 group output dan sebuah master output (stereo). Studiolive tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai mixer digital untuk aplikasi panggung, peranti ini juga berfungsi sebagai konverter AD/DA yang digunakan untuk aplikasi rekaman. detail

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Terima kasih atas kiriman barangnya, sudah sampai dan kondisinya memuaskan, kardus mulus tidak ada penyok dan dipackaging kayu lagi. Recommended. Walaupun ada harga yang belum terupdate tapi bisa di ... detail

Agus Luqman
Agak khawatir juga sebelumnya dikirim apa ga ya barangnya maklum transfer jumlah jutaan rupiah.Sebelumnya mau beli dari singapura lewat amazon tau tau barang ada di beli alat harga ga beda j... detail

Hamzah Salam
Senang bisa nemuin karena rencana ganti equipment electone saya.

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Home Power Amplifier » Beta Three T-1000 Power Amplifier

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product arrow Beta Three T-1000 Power Amplifier

Price Rp 4.450.000 Beli
Beta Three T-1000 Power Amplifier
The Beta Three Public Address Amplifier Series have been engineered to meet the demanding commercial application requirements. The Beta Three Public Address Series speakers have been designed and engineered for easy installation across many types of applications and offer a smooth frequency response.
  • 3U rack mounting 
  • Overheat,overload and short circuit protection 
  • Innovative heat sink structure
  • Accurate signal amplifier,high S/N ratio 
  • Operation mode switchable(Mone,Stereo,Bridge mono) 
  • Amplification times switch(20 times/40 times/0.775V) 
  • Ground switchable(Lift/Gnd) 
  • Bridge LED indication 
  • Power LED indication 
  • Protection LED(LED will be active when overvoltage,ovrcurrent or overheat/failure) 
  • Adopting soft clip process when overload 
  • Speed of cooling fan is autmatic adujusted by power to get the best heat radiation

Front Panel:

Rear Panel:


Output power:
Stereo(W/Ch) 8ohm/4ohm 300W/450W
Bridged-Mono 8ohm/4ohm 1000W/1200W
Frequency Response: 20Hz-50KHz(+/-0.1)
Phase Response +/-5 degree from 20Hz-50KHz
Signal to noise ratio 105dB(A-weighted)at full output and 28 dB GAIN
Total harmonic distortion(THD) <0.03% from 20Hz-50KHz to 1KHz increasing linearly to 0.1% at 50KHz
Intermodulation distortion(IMD) <0.03% from 10mW to 300W,400W,550W,1000W at 28dB gain
Slew Rate >26V per microsecond
Damping factor >200 from 20Hz-400Hz
Load impedance ratied for 16,8,4,2ohm use. Safe with all types of loads,even reactive ones
Required AC mains 50Hz,220V-240V
AC line connector standard three-wire grounded connector
Net dimensions 485×445×130mm
Net weight 20Kg
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