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10 Juli 2013
Roland Backing Keyboard BK-9
Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard For a few years now Roland has been producing instruments like the BK7, BK5 and now their new flagship arranger – the BK9. BK indicates the instrument is a “Backing Keyboard” and this is the market that is ideally suited for this instrument. 
The first think you will notice about the BK9 is the 76-note keyboard and super lightweight construction. If you are looking for an instrument to gig with then BK9 is perfect. This is the first keyboard I’ve been able to pick up with just one hand and not just a 5-octave keyboard either! 
You would think that being so light, the build quality would suffer in some way, but no, the BK9 is beautifully constructed and the keyboard as a great feel to it. For this feature alone the keyboard gets a big 10 out of 10 – as it really is a pick up and go instrument. detail

25 September 2012
Presonus Digital Studio Mixer Live16.4.2
Presonus Digital Studio Mixer Live16.4.2 Mixer Digital dan Konverter AD/DA Mixer Digital Studio Live 16.4.2 keluaran Presonus terdiri atas 16 chanel yang dilengkapi dengan 4 group output dan sebuah master output (stereo). Studiolive tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai mixer digital untuk aplikasi panggung, peranti ini juga berfungsi sebagai konverter AD/DA yang digunakan untuk aplikasi rekaman. detail

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Terima kasih atas kiriman barangnya, sudah sampai dan kondisinya memuaskan, kardus mulus tidak ada penyok dan dipackaging kayu lagi. Recommended. Walaupun ada harga yang belum terupdate tapi bisa di ... detail

Agus Luqman
Agak khawatir juga sebelumnya dikirim apa ga ya barangnya maklum transfer jumlah jutaan rupiah.Sebelumnya mau beli dari singapura lewat amazon tau tau barang ada di beli alat harga ga beda j... detail

Hamzah Salam
Senang bisa nemuin karena rencana ganti equipment electone saya.

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product arrow YAMAHA P-3500S Power Amplifier

Price Rp 4.400.000 Beli
YAMAHA P-7000S Power Amplifier
Robust Power Output, Superior Audio Quality, and Efficient Operation
Yamaha's audio engineers have specifically designed the new P-Series power amplifiers to be perfect companions to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they made sure that the amplifiers are capable of delivering power that matches the power handling capabilities of the Club Series Speakers, and equipped them with YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) to deliver a signal that will result in optimum system performance. 
Power is plentiful, ranging from 3200 watts from the P7000S to 1300 watts from the P2500S in 4 ohms bridged mode. If you want the perfect power amplifier for pair of Club S115s with a 500-watt program rating, for example, the P5000S with 500-watts per channel into 8 ohms is the obvious choice. 
Further matching precision is afforded by Yamaha's proprietary YS Processing circuit. Each P-series amplifier is equipped with this specially designed circuit so that it delivers output tailored to the specific response of the Club Series speakers. All models feature both XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs, and Neutrik speakON, phone plug, and 5-way binding post outputs. Other features include Yamaha's exclusive EEEngine technology for high performance with exceptional efficiency, sweepable high and low pass filters for matching output to any loudspeakers, a compact and durable 2U chassis, and variable speed cooling fans.

Big Power with Outstanding Efficiency
The new P-Series Power Amplifiers deliver solid, professional-quality power in a wide range of configurations designed to suit a variety of applications. In 4 ohmas bridged mode the P7000S delivers 3200 watts, the P5000S 2600 watts, the P3500S 2000 watts, and the P2500S 1300 watts. 
Those on a budget will find the lineup's high power output and affordable prices offer superior quality without putting a strain on allotted funds. Further savings are realized with extremely efficient operation utilizing Yamaha's exclusive EEEngine technology, which keeps operational costs down by significantly reducing AC power consumption and heat generation.

The Perfect Match for Your Club Speakers
The new P-Series Power Amplifiers can be used with any loudspeaker system, but if you're using our Club Series speakers they will provide optimum power and performance. In an 8Ω stereo application, power output per P7000S channel is 700 watts (650 watts on the 230V model), the P5000S puts out 500 watts per channel, the P3500S delivers 350 watts per channel, and the P2500S outputs 250 watts per channel. This wide selection lets you choose the amplifier that best matches the power handling capabilities of your speaker system. 
All four models are equipped with independent sweepable high-pass and low-pass filters on each channel so you can optimize output for subwoofer or full range systems.

Light Weight for Easy Transport and Setup
Look at the specifications and you'll notice that the P2500S and P3500S are surprisingly light in weight, making transport and setup less of a chore. What is really impressive, however, is the difference in weight per watt when you look at the P5000S and P7000S. The use of an advanced switching power supply makes these two models very lightweight while maintaining superior audio quality.

Versatile Connectivity
To provide the most versatile connectivity possible, all four models are equipped with Neutrik speakON* output jacks and 1/4-inch output jacks for each channel, in addition to 5-way binding post. Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS jacks are provided for channel input.
* speakON is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG.

EEEngine (Energy Efficient Engine) Technology makes more efficient use of AC power by reducing power consumption and heat generation without sacrificing output power or sound quality. When power requirements are low, the system uses a highly efficient current buffer to transparently switch input power on and off as needed. As power requirements increase, an independently responding auxiliary power line supplies additional power as required. Output isn't compromised because the auxiliary power line is driven by the power supply voltage which maintains maximum output to the speaker load.

YS Processing
YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) achieves optimum matching with our popular Club Series loudspeaker systems. This special circuit optimizes output from the power amplifier to match the characteristics of Club Series speaker systems, resulting in extra-smooth highs and enhanced lows.

General specifications

Dynamic power; 1kHz; 20ms nonclip 2ohms; Stereo 1600Wx2 1300Wx2 1000Wx2 650Wx2
4ohms; Bridge 3200W 2600W 2000W 1300W
Output power; 1kHz 4ohms; Stereo 1100Wx2 750Wx2 590Wx2 390Wx2
8ohms; Stereo
*:230V model
525Wx2 390Wx2 275Wx2
8ohms; Bridge 2200W 1500W 1180W 780W
Output power; 20Hz-20kHz 4ohms; Stereo 950Wx2 700Wx2 450Wx2 310Wx2
8ohms; Stereo 700Wx2 500Wx2 350Wx2 250Wx2
8ohms; Bridge 1900W 1400W 900W 620W

Power bandwidth 10Hz-40kHz
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20kHz; Halfpower)
Inter moduration distortion Less than 0.1% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1, Half Power)
Frequency response 0, +0.5, -1dB; 20Hz-50kHz
S/N ratio More than 104dB More than 103dB More than 102dB More than 100dB
Residual output noise
Less than -70dBu
Crosstalk Less than -70dB
Damping factor More than 350 More than 200
Maximum input level +22dBu
Maximum voltage gain 32.1dB
Input sensitivity
+7.4dB +6.5dB +5.2dB +3.6dB
Processors HPF/LPF (25Hz-150 sweepable, 12dB/Oct), YS Processing
I/O connectors Line input / output ports XLR3-31 type /ch(balance)
TRS Phone /ch(unbalance)
Speaker output ports speakON /ch
5-way binding post /ch
Phone jack /ch(unbalance)
Protection circuit Load protection POWER switch ON/OFF mute; DC-fault (power supply shutdown) POWER switch ON/OFF mute; DC detection
Amplifier protection Temp. detection (Heat sink temp ≥90°C), VI limiter (RL≤1ohm)
Amplifier class EEEngine
Cooling Dual variable-speed fan Single variable-speed fan
Power requirements AC120V, 230V or 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Music source equivalent 650W 500W 450W 320W
Idling 35W 35W 30W 25W
Dimensions Width 480mm; 18-7/8"
Height 88mm; 3-7/16"
Depth 456mm; 17-15/16"
Net weight 12kg; 26.5lbs 12kg; 26.5lbs 15kg; 33.1lbs 14kg; 30.9lbs
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